Alex Strasser

Alex graduated in 2015 from Dobyns Bennett High School in Kingsport, Tennessee. He is a BP Scholar, a NAE Grand Challenge Scholar, and a National AP Scholar, Eagle Scout. He is in Engineering and University Honors. Alex has research experience in the areas of 2D materials, semiconductor physics, nanomaterial synthesis and characterization, biofuels, additive manufacturing, RF heating, optical systems, topological materials, perovskite solar cells, and density functional theory. He has presented at two international scientific conferences and has two first-author publications in preparation. Alex is an active member and leader in several organizations, including Christian Engineering Leaders, Multiply and Explore groups with Grace Bible Church, and the honors societies of Tau Beta Pi and Omega Chi Epsilon. Alex will graduate from A&M in 2019 with a degree in Chemical Engineering with minors in Materials Science and Physics. Alex has started a Master’s Program in Materials Science at Texas A&M and will pursue a Ph.D.