The Brown Foundation Freshmen Leadership Organization

The Brown Foundation announces the formation of a Brown Scholar initiative, the Brown Foundation Freshmen Leadership Organization (“Brown Foundation FLO”). Formed in 2020, the Brown Foundation FLO equips incoming freshmen Brown scholars. Freshmen Brown Scholars are paired with either a sophomore or junior Brown Scholar pursuing the same major and the upperclassmen serve as mentors to their mentees. Additionally freshmen Brown Scholars participate in workshops, listen to motivational speakers and are provided leadership, professional development and tutoring opportunities from upperclassmen. The Brown Foundation FLO strengthens the Brown Scholar network by providing social engagements for Brown Scholars to connect across disciplines and form valuable relationships with current Brown Scholars. A professional directory connects current Brown Scholar to Brown Scholar graduates.

2021 - 2022 Leadership Officers

Ashley Read

Madison Korb

Naveed Khimani

Amanda Pastrano

Deirdre Nelsen

Caitlin Sannes

Carson Benner

Daniel Volpi

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