MSC Brown-Smith UK Honors Leadership Trip

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Rudolf Bendixen

The MSC Brown-Smith Honors UK Leadership Trip was launched in July, 2023 with 3 Brown Scholar student leaders, 3 MSC leaders and 26 incoming Brown Scholars. Students spent 20 days in York and London, England visiting famous sites including: Tower of London, Oxford, Blenheim, London Bridge, Albert and Victoria Museum, Kensington Palace, York Minster, North Yorkshire Moors, Castle Howard, Fountains Abbey, Whitby Abbey, Natural History Museum, town markets and castles. Additionally, students received leadership lessons throughout the trip with the goal of (i) facilitating academic success; (ii) enabling future leadership positions at the MSC and other A&M organizations; and (iii) learning about research opportunities. By journey’s end, close bonds and lasting friendships were formed between students, Brown Scholar and MSC leaders.

Hear From The Students

"I appreciate both the unique experience of being in a foreign country and of being surrounded by such capable peers. The trip has been meaningful in so many ways and I've grown as a person."
"Rather than being a fish out of water, an American in London, I feel more acclimated and prepared to make the most of my time at A&M. I've found out what makes A&M feel like home to so many and it's starting to feel like home to me too."
"From touring ornate palaces to visiting cheesemaking factories and theatres with so much beautiful history, I have been enjoying the trip to its fullest. Most of all I've been happy to get to know my fellow Brown Scholars, Mr. Altendorf, Mrs. Gisele and Ms. Valerie. I also formed close bonds with the student leaders."
"I'm sad the trip is ending soon but I'm so glad I have a close group of friends to go into College Station and start college with."
"I want to thank you for this once-in-a-lifetime trip. Everyone of this trip is confident that both the life lessons and subtle skills learned throughout the 20 days will be invaluable for our future careers and lives."
"Not only did I make great memories but also made great friends that I will continue to see at A&M ."
"Even hobbling around on crutches and a knee brace couldn't slow us down from talking to locals and playing soccer, trying delicious food and just having an amazing time. This experience has been absolutely incredible for personal and professional growth."
"Your generosity is giving me the opportunity to experience things I never thought I would, and when I graduate it will be without student loans. Thank you for the Brown Scholarship. "
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