How do you apply for a Brown Foundation Scholarship?

The Brown Foundation does not use an application process. High school students must be admitted to Texas A&M. A&M’s Scholarship & Financial Aid Office sends applications of National Merit students to the Brown Foundation for review and consideration. The Brown Foundation reads in excess of 300 applications annually and selects students to interview with the Brown Foundation interview team.

What are the requirements for a Brown Foundation scholarship?

All students must achieve National Merit Semi-finalist or Finalist status. A&M’s Scholarship & Financial Aid screen applications for National Merit status before sending them to the Brown Foundation. The Brown Foundation seeks high achieving well-rounded students for its scholarships. All students offered a scholarship are required to take a curated tour of A&M for prospective Brown Scholars prior to entering A&M.

How many undergraduate scholarships does the Brown Foundation offer?

The Brown Foundation interviews 100+ candidates for undergraduate scholarships. Scholarship offers vary although the average Brown Scholars class size is 50+.

How many Brown Scholars currently attend Texas A&M?

For the 2023-2024 academic year, 210 Brown Scholars across 4 classes are attending A&M.

How will I know if I am selected for an interview?

The Brown Foundation contacts prospective candidates they wish to interview.

When do interviews for prospective candidates take place?

Rolling interviews begin in late October and end in February.

What year was the Brown Foundation started?

The Brown Foundation was created in 1992 and has awarded scholarships for 32 years.

What awards and honors have Brown Scholars received?

Brown Scholars have been Goldwater, Truman and Rhodes Scholars. At A&M, Brown Scholars have been Yell Leaders, members of Ross Volunteers, Rudders Rangers, President of MSC Aggie Leaders of Tomorrow, Student Engineers Council President, Phi Kappa Phi Pioneer Award Winner, Outstanding A&M Student, presidents of Texas A&M National Scholar Ambassadors, Maroon Coats, BUILD, MSC and The Big Event. Brown Scholars have received the Outstanding Senior Engineering Award, Gathright Scholar Finalists, Brown-Rudder Award and have achieved first place in multiple Aggies Invent competitions. Many Brown Scholars are first authors in published medical research.

95% of Brown Scholars major in engineering disciplines including computer science. The remainder major in science and business.

What is the average Brown Scholar GPA?


What is the average E2EnMed EAP Brown Scholar GPA?


What is the average Brown Scholar EnMed MCAT score?

520, 97%

Other than undergraduate and EnMed graduate scholarships, does the Brown Foundation offer additional scholarships?

The Brown Foundation offers a scholarship to E2EnMed EAP and, if slots are available, to pre-med Brown Scholars who participate in the prestigious 10-week Houston Methodist Summer Undergraduate Research Internship. The Brown Foundation scholarship exceeds the amount Houston Methodist pays its summer interns.

Do Brown Scholars receive leadership training?

Incoming freshmen Brown Scholars attend either the 20-day Brown-Smith UK Honors Leadership trip in York and London, England or the Italy trip. Both trips are administered by the Memorial Student Center and include tours, fun, friendship and leadership training. In addition to MSC leadership. The UK trip includes Brown Scholar leaders. Additionally, the Brown Foundation offers leadership and professional development training to freshmen Brown Scholars through the Brown Foundation Freshmen Leadership Organization.

Do Brown Scholars have special group events or activities?

The Brown Foundation Freshmen Leadership Organization (Brown Foundation FLO) pairs each incoming freshmen Brown Scholar with an upper-class Brown Scholar mentor pursuing the same major. Mentors and mentees determine frequency of meetings, study sessions and social activities. The Brown Foundation FLO also provides career fair, resume and interview workshops, motivational speakers, leadership instruction, tailgates and other social events to support freshmen Brown Scholars.

What clubs and organizations do Brown Scholars recommend joining?

Texas A&M has more than 1300 student organizations. If a club doesn’t exist, one can be formed. In 2023, a Brown Scholar formed the Aggie Climbing Community Club. Brow Scholars are involved in intra-mural, service, engineering, medical, and business- oriented clubs as well as faith-based organizations. Organizations where Brown Scholars hold officer positions include, but are not limited to, TAMU BUILD, Texas A&M National Scholar Ambassadors, Maroon Coats, Sling Health, Student Engineers’ Council, Society of Women Engineers, MSC L.T. Jordan Institute. Brown Scholars are involved in medical and engineering research at A&M and in other labs including the Houston Methodist Research Institute. Brown Scholars also participate in study abroad trips.

What is the interview process like for Brown Foundation E2EnMed EAP candidates?

The Brown Foundation coordinates the interview day for Brown Foundation E2EnMed EAP candidates. Here we will describe the two interview days for Brown Foundation E2EnMed EAP high school candidates.


For out-of-town students, the Brown Foundation arranges and pays for students and their parents to stay at the Intercontinental Hotel in the Texas Medical Center the night before their EnMed interviews and arranges all transportation. One half of these students will have individual interviews with members of the EnMed Interview Committee in the morning while the other half and their parents are driven to the Houston Methodist Research Institute (Research Institute) to tour labs and learn about associated research.


Parents and students meet for lunch in the EnMed building and will hear from the Dean, select faculty and EnMed students.


In the afternoon, one half of the students will be interviewed by members of the EnMed Interview Committee and the other half and their parents will tour Research Institute labs.


At day’s end, students and parents will meet in the EnMed building for closing statements and questions.