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The Craig & Galen Brown Foundation (Brown Foundation) awards undergraduate scholarships to high achieving, well-rounded students who achieve National Merit Semi-Finalist or Finalist status, have demonstrated leadership and community service, and attend Texas A&M University (A&M). Students are known as Brown Scholars and are recognized on the A&M campus as exceptional students and leaders. 95% of Brown Scholars major in engineering and the remainder major in other STEM disciplines.


The Brown Foundation awards Engineering Medicine (EnMed) scholarships to a subset of students who are offered Brown Foundation undergraduate scholarships. Each year, the Brown Foundation proffers its high school candidates for admission using the E2EnMed EAP pathway and can achieve 15+ Brown Scholars who attend Texas A&M, major in engineering disciplines, meet Brown Foundation and EnMed requirements and matriculate to the prestigious EnMed Program.

Brown Scholar Testimonials

Lindsay Stapleton

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Carson Benner

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Student Spotlight

Carlos Vasquez

Engineering Honors

Noah Taylor

Biomedical Engineering

Anish Easwaran

Biomedical Engineering

Sarah Voon

Biomedical Engineering

Dawson Benner

Interdisciplinary Engineering

Cathryn Gunawan

Biomedical Engineering

Michael Frost

Aerospace Engineering

Fouzul Kansul

Biomedical Engineering



Biomedical Engineering

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President and CEO, Texas A&M Foundation

The Brown Foundation is an exemplar of all that is good in philanthropy and higher education. A visionary Foundation that values our Nation’s values and encourages the most successful high school students to reach for the stars… And in doing so help ensure a brighter future for all of humanity. I am proud to know Craig and Sue and humbled at the energy, passion, and purpose they bring to Texas A&M University. We are forever grateful and hope that their example encourages others to invest philanthropically in causes that create generational impact.


PhD, MD – Chief Executive Officer of Engineering Health, Executive Dean of Engineering Medicine

In my 35 years as a professional in industry, academia, and the national government, my experience with the Brown Foundation stands out among all education-supportive philanthropic institutions that I have encountered. The commitment of its principals, Craig Brown and Sue  Smith, to advancing excellence in education and productive careers is exceptional. They are creative thinkers and impassioned doers. An example is their proposal to create and fund the forward-looking Early To EnMed program, known as E2EnMed. This identifies students among National Merit Scholars who exhibit great character, an outstanding achievement trajectory and want to pursue engineering and medicine. The Brown Foundation provides qualified students with a full TAMU undergraduate scholarship and subsequent graduate scholarship for our unique EnMed program in the Intercollegiate School of Engineering Medicine. Such students are supported through eight years of schooling, earning a BS (4 years), and simultaneous MD and Engineering Masters degrees (4years). Perhaps most importantly, these stellar students promise to emerge as even more stellar medical innovators, taught to invent solutions to medical challenges. The overarching goal is to trailblaze the next generation of medical transformers and the Brown Foundation, through its incredible generosity and ardent devotion to a better future, is helping to lead the way.

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Carlos Vasquez

Carlos Vasquez, an Engineering Honors Student at Texas A&M University, explores the fascinating intersection of ethics and technology, specifically within the realm of artificial intelligence.

His research centers on understanding the effects of LLM-enabled classrooms on education and the ethical development of AI systems.

Noah Taylor

Noah Taylor, a junior Biomedical Engineering major, took 20 credit hours for the 2023 Spring semester.

He is a member of the Corps of Cadets, a member of Rudder’s Rangers (an advanced training program) and a member of the Parsons Mounted Cavalry. He is the Platoon Sergeant of Company K-1 and the coordinator of Academics, Career Readiness and Recruiting.

While taking 20 credit hours, Noah also took the MCAT a year early.

Noah has a cumulative 4.0 GPA and scored 97% on the MCAT.

He was admitted to EnMed using the E2 EnMed EAP pathway.

Anish Easwaran

Anish Easwaran, a junior Biomedical Engineering major, is a member of Engineering, Inc., the NSF I-CorpsSite program, Engineering Honors Executive Committee, Vice-President and Co-Founder of Aggies to Medicine, and TAMECT and a member of the Aggie Entrepreneurial Committee (his entrepreneurial efforts include StimuCalm, Aegis Armor, PillSafe and an app for pre-med students).

He is a Brown Foundation Freshmen Leadership Officer and was one of the three group leaders of the inaugural MSC Brown Smith UK Honors Leadership trip.

Anish and his teammates placed in the top 3 for the Rice Health Policy Hackathon, 3rd and 4th at Aggies Invent and Top 6 at Aggie Pitch.

He was a Gathright Dean’s Excellence Award winner for the College of Engineering and has a cumulative 3.9 GPA.

Anish was admitted to EnMed using the E2EnMed EAP pathway.

Sarah Voon

Sarah Voon, a junior Biomedical Engineering major, received her Aggie ring and completed her undergraduate thesis as a sophomore.

She is a Brown Foundation Freshmen Leadership Organization officer and was one of the three group leaders of the inaugural MSC Brown-Smith UK Honors Leadership trip.

Sarah was inducted into Alpha Eta Mu Beta, the National Biomedical Engineering Honor Society. She is a member of TAMECT.

Sarah has a cumulative 4.0 GPA and she took the MCAT a year early and scored 98%.

She was admitted to EnMed using the E2EnMed EAP pathway.

Dawson Benner

Dawson Benner, a junior Interdisciplinary Engineering major, spent the summer at IIT Gandhinagar, India researching the use of red carbon dots (produced from mango leaves) to: reduce cancer cells counts by 50% without damaging benign cells; close wounds between cells and increase cell counts; and differentiate neurons and cause connections between them, an avenue for treatment of neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s.

Dawson was first co-author of “Red Emitting Carbon Dots: Surface Modifications and Bioapplications” published in Nanoscale Advances.

Dawson has a cumulative 4.0 GPA and began fast-track coursework for the Master’s in Quantitative Finance at Mays Business School as a sophomore.

Cathryn Gunawan

Cathryn Gunawan, a sophomore Biomedical Engineering major, was one of two Houston Methodist Summer Undergraduate Research Internship interns who received the 2023 Outstanding Intern Award.

Additionally, Cathryn, along with her fellow Brown Scholars Megan Guy and Anna Claire Holleman, were recipients of the One Step Above Award and the Eloquent Presenter Award.

Cathryn has a cumulative 4.0 GPA.

She was admitted to EnMed using the E2EnMed EAP pathway.

Michael Frost

Michael Frost, a sophomore Aerospace Engineering major, opened a makerspace, Starforge Foundry, open to students interested in engineering projects.

L-R: Brown Scholar Meghan Shimer, Craig, Michael Frost, Sue, Interim Dean Johnny Hurtado.

Starforge Foundry tools include: lathe, laser cutter, 3D printers, bandsaw, hand tools, belt/disc sander, sheetmetal brake, flaring tools, spot welder, bench grinder, soldering irons, and a miniature CNC mill.

Michael has a cumulative 4.0 GPA.

Fouzul Kansul

Fouzul Kansul, a junior Biomedical Engineering major, was a podium presenter in the graduate student category at the 2023 Houston Methodist Summer Science Symposium. Her topic was “Sex Based Differences in Calcification Patterns of Chronic Lower Extremity Peripheral Arterial Disease”.

Her presentation received first place for Audience Choice in the graduate student category and second place overall for Audience Choice among graduate, postdoc and resident presentations.

Fouzul was admitted to EnMed using the E2EnMed pathway.

Abhinaya Muruganandham

Abhinaya Murugndandham, a Junior Biomedical Engineering major, was a coauthor on computational biology research published in Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications.

She was first author for an abstract with Houston Methodist research in cardiac imaging published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology (JACC). Abhinaya presented her abstract as a poster for the 72nd Annual Scientific Session of the American College of Cardiology.

She serves as Treasurer for TAMECT (Texas A&M Emergency Care Team).

Abhinaya has a cumulative 4.0 GPA and scored 100% on the MCAT.

She was admitted to EnMed using the E2EnMed EAP pathway.