EnMed Scholarships

For the 2023- 2024 academic year, E2EnMed EAP Brown Scholars who have taken the MCAT  scored an average of 520.57, 97%, and the cumulative average GPA is 3.982

Craig and Galen Brown Foundation scholarships are among the most prestigious scholarships awarded to undergraduates at Texas A&M. Brown Foundation scholarship recipients are known as Brown Scholars, and are recognized as high-achieving, well-rounded leaders at A&M. The majority of Brown Scholars major in engineering disciplines and, since 1994, 100+ Brown Scholars have received the Outstanding Senior Engineering Award at Texas A&M.

Brown Scholars have held the highest positions at A&M and achieved the highest honors and awards, including Outstanding Senior of the A&M graduating class, Corps Commander, Rhodes Scholar Finalist, Fulbright Scholar, Goldwater Scholar, and Gathright Scholar. Brown Scholars have held the highest positions in A&M clubs and organizations including, but not limited to, Texas A&M National Scholar Ambassadors, Maroon Coats, TAMU BUILD, Sling Health, MSC, Engineering Honors, Student Engineers’ Council and the Brown Foundation Freshmen Leadership Organization.

The Brown Foundation additionally offers graduate scholarships to the School of Engineering Medicine (EnMed). EnMed is a first-in-the-nation graduate program that blends experiential learning in engineering innovation with medical school training to create a new kind of doctor, a Physicianeer, with the goal of transforming health care to benefit patients and society-at-large. EnMed students simultaneously earn master’s degrees in engineering and medicine in four years. The Brown Foundation proffers high school candidates for admission to EnMed utilizing the E2EnMed Early Assurance program and can admit 15+ Brown Scholars annually to the EnMed Program.

National Health Thought Leaders on the ENMED Concept

Celebrating the World's First Class of Physicianeers
On Saturday, May 20, 2023 Texas A&M University School of Engineering Medicine held the inaugural graduation for the world’s first class of Physicianeers. Graduation was held at the Westin Hotel in the Texas Medical Center in Houston and Francis Collins, MD, PhD, the former director of the National Institutes of Health, was the Commencement Speaker. Graduates received a Medical doctorate and Master of engineering degree. On Friday, May 19, 2023, EnMed students presented their Innovations Poster Session, followed by a Nobel Laureates and Inventor of the Internet Colloquy. 100% of EnMed graduates successfully matched with a medical residency training program and several will serve at some of the top teaching hospitals in the U.S.

100% Residency Match Rate!


EnMed Inagural Graduation Ceremony


Brown Foundation E2ENMED Early Assurance Program

The Brown Foundation awards graduate scholarships to the School of Engineering Medicine (EnMed) and 20+ Brown Foundation candidates are proffered to the EnMed Admissions Committee as Brown Foundation E2EnMed Early Assurance Program candidates for admission to EnMed as high school students.

Brown Foundation E2EnMed EAP candidates must achieve National Merit status, urance Program candidates achieving, well rounded National Merit high school seniors with demonstrated leadership and community service to apply to the E2EnMed Early Assurance Program, pursue an undergraduate engineering major and matriculate to the EnMed Program. These students will be proffered for condition admission as Brown Foundation E2EnMed EAP candidates.

Brown Foundation scholarship recipients who are conditionally admitted to the EnMed Program must sustain academic excellence, the aforementioned attributes and A&M’s core values throughout their course of study as undergraduate engineering students. The Brown Foundation’s EnMed scholarship requirements, including a student’s academic achievement, medical and engineering research opportunities and MCAT scores, and required leadership positions, exceed those of the College of Medicine’s admission requirements.


EnMed Graduate Scholarship Requirements
The Craig and Galen Brown Foundation (“Brown Foundation”) offers undergraduate scholarships to high school students who: achieve National Merit status, apply and are admitted to Texas A&M University (“A&M”) and pursue STEM majors including business. A subset of these students pursuing engineering majors may be offered a Brown Foundation undergraduate scholarship and an Engineering Medicine (“EnMed”) graduate scholarship. To receive an EnMed scholarship offer, students must achieve/pursue the following:
  • National Merit semi-finalist status.
  • Apply and be admitted to Texas A&M”s College of Engineering.
  • Be selected to interview with Sue Smith (or other Brown Foundation representative) for an undergraduate scholarship.
  • Interview with Sue Smith (or other Brown Foundation representative) for an EnMed graduate scholarship.
  • Be offered an undergraduate and EnMed scholarship from the Brown Foundation.
  • Pursue an engineering major at A&M.
  • Attend A&M.
High school students who receive Brown Foundation undergraduate and EnMed scholarship offers and are proffered by the Brown Foundation as E2EnMed Early Assurance Program (“E2EnMed EAP) candidates must meet the following requirements:
  • Complete and submit an EnMed application to A&M’s College of Medicine.
  • Participate in an individual mock interview with Sue Smith (or other Brown Foundation representative) prior to being interviewed by the EnMed Interview Committee.
  • Interview with the EnMed Interview Committee.
  • Receive an offer of admission to the EnMed program from the Admissions Committee.
Students not accepted for admission by the Admissions Committee may reapply to EnMed using the E2EnMed EAP pathway their sophomore year or through the traditional application process their senior year in college. The Brown Foundation supports its EnMed candidates at any entry pathway.
EnMed is a collaboration between Texas A&M College of Engineering, Texas A&M College of Medicine and Houston Methodist Hospital. EnMed graduates receive a Master of Engineering and MD degrees in four years. This first-in-the-nation program blends experiential learning in engineering innovation with medical school training to create a new kind of doctor, a “physicianeer” with the goal of transforming health care for the development of innovative medical technologies.
  • Maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.75.
  • Achieve a minimum 90% MCAT score.
  • Complete all A&M College of Medicine requirements.
  • Perform at least 80 hours of service or volunteer work through appropriate A&M organizations, department, college or university activities and/or community, religious or other service work over the course of their undergraduate education.
  • Achieve and maintain in good standing at least one leadership* position at A&M over the course of undergraduate education.
  • Conduct research*, preferably medically related at the 10-week Houston Methodist Summer.
  • Undergraduate Research Internship (“HM SURI”) and/or medically related engineering research for at least two semesters over the course of undergraduate education.
Admission to the E2EnMed EAP requires adherence to all LCME requirements. LCME is the nationwide accrediting body for all medical programs in the U.S.
*Acceptable activities provided by the Brow Foundation; activities not pre-approved are subject to approval by the Brown Foundation.
The Houston Methodist Hospital has granted the Brown Foundation the right to 25% of its annual slots to the nationally competitive HM SURI. Brown Scholars must have completed 30 credit hours in order to participate in HM SURI. Students are placed in research labs thar align with their interests. The Brown Foundation pays its Brown Scholars an additional $3,500 scholarship to participate in HM SURI. The Brown Foundation prioritizes E2EnMed EAP Brown Scholars followed by science majors who will pursue medical school.



Capstone innovation projects address medical needs identified by research investigators at the Houston Methodist Research Institute who may also be in collaboration with Texas A&M faculty. 

Interested EnMed students apply to Houston Methodist detailing their 2-year project description and budgetary needs. Students with approved projects receive mentorship, lab space and funding from Houston Methodist and are also responsible for progress updates to ensure project compliance. 

Each individual or team member who is selected as Outstanding Capstone Project receives an award and $5,000 and an additional award and $5,000 is given to the Outstanding Faculty Mentor at a Capstone Awards dinner at Houston Methodist.

EnMed Outstanding Student Project and EnMed Outstanding Faculty Mentor Awards

Cailin O’Connell (EnMed Class of 2024) was presented the EnMed Outstanding Student Project Winner Award at the EnMed Capstone Innovator Awards Dinner for her research in Metalloprotease Sensitive Nanoparticles in Early Ovarian Cancer Detection.