Texas A&M University leadership has granted the Craig & Galen Brown Foundation (“Brown Foundation”) the right to proffer select high school students for conditional admission to EnMed utilizing the Engineering to EnMed Early Assurance Program pathway (“E2EnMed EAP”) and have 15+ EnMed Brown Scholars matriculate to EnMed assuming successful completion of Texas A&M College of Medicine and Brown Foundation requirements. Undergraduate EnMed Brown Scholars must earn a Bachelor of Science from a Texas A&M College of Engineering degree program (including engineering, interdisciplinary engineering and computer science).

EnMed is a collaboration between Texas A&M College of Engineering, Texas A&M College of Medicine and Houston Methodist Hospital. EnMed graduates receive a Master of Engineering and MD degrees in four years. This first-in-the-nation program blends experiential learning in engineering innovation with medical school training to create a new kind of doctor, a “physicianeer” with the goal of transforming health care for humanity.

High school students who achieve National Merit Status and receive undergraduate scholarship offers from the Brown Foundation and a subset of students who additionally receive Brown Foundation EnMed scholarship offers and are conditionally admitted to EnMed utilizing the E2EnMed EAP must attend Texas A&M University and meet the following Brown Foundation requirements:
  • Maintain a cumulative undergraduate GPA of 3.75 or higher;
  • Complete Texas A&M College of Medicine undergraduate course requirements;
  • Achieve a 90% or higher composite MCAT score;
  • Maintain good academic Standing in the College of Engineering Honors program for at least one year;
  • Perform a minimum of 80 hours of service or volunteer work through appropriate Texas A&M student organizations, departments, college or university activities and/or community, religious or other service-oriented organizations over the course of undergraduate education;
  • Achieve (and terminate in good standing) at least one leadership position* within Texas A&M University over the course of undergraduate education;
  • Conduct research, preferably medically- related (including the 10-week Houston Methodist Summer Undergraduate Research Internship (“HM SURI”) for EnMed and select pre-med Brown Scholars** and/or medically related engineering research, for at least two semesters over the course of undergraduate education


*Acceptable activities provided by Brown Foundation; activities not pre-approved are subject to Brown Foundation approval

** Brown Scholars pursuing EnMed are automatically granted admission to HM SURI and receive a supplemental scholarship from the Brown Foundation

Brown Foundation EnMed scholarships range from 50%-100% of EnMed tuition