Benjamin Jack

Benjamin graduated from A&M in 2017 with a degree in Electrical Engineering. Benjamin joined Christian Engineering Leaders, did undergraduate research, and played intramural soccer. He was accepted into Boeing’s accelerated hiring program and will be in the software and avionics group in Huntsville, Alabama working on their Space Launch System. Benjamin was awarded the IEEE Power and Energy Society Scholarship at A&M. He stated that going to A&M has meant so much to him and more than he ever really thought it would. He would not have come to A&M without the Brown Scholarship and he is glad he was able to come to A&M. He has seen many different places and meet a many people while receiving an excellent engineering education. To him, one of the biggest differences he found at A&M is the Christian influence on and around campus. He believes it is a big part of what makes A&M special and something you can’t find at many other universities. He hopes that he can follow in the footsteps of Aggies ahead of him to follow Christ and lead others. It is a great challenge, but something he is glad he has the opportunity to do.