A Letter from Michael Sporkin, Electrical Engineering ’21

Howdy Mrs. Matthews!

Hope that you’re enjoying some time this summer to relax and be with family. I know you and Mr. Brown are excited to have selected the class of ’23 Brown scholars. I heard that there were 69 offers made?! That’s incredible!

I just wanted to make an opportunity and fill you in on what’s been going on with me at A&M over the past year. Sophomore year was an extracurricular overload filled with a lot of stress that led to a lot of introspective reflection. I was at one point involved in 9 different organizations: serving as Leadership Officer for Centuries (a popular men’s organization), a member of the Zachry Leadership Program, Staff Assistant for The Big Event, a mentor for FREE (an engineering-focused freshmen organization that I was a member of the year before), an Engineering Honors Student Ambassador, an Electrical Engineering Student Ambassador, a delegate for the Abbott Leadership Conference, a counselor for Fish Camp (Session G Purple!) and a trumpet player in the Hullabaloo basketball pep band. While each of these organizations pushed me to grow in a different way, they might have been pushing a little too often, and I realized that my relationships with my best friends were not where I wanted them anymore. I cut involvement in half, and am now just in Centuries, ZLP, Electrical Ambassadors, and pep band.

All of those other commitments didn’t impose on my learning – I grew business skills through the Mays Consulting Club Case Competition (we won!) and I left this year maintaining my 4.0. My experiences also earned me the Buck Weirus Spirit Award, an award given to students that demonstrate outstanding involvement and impact on campus. I also made time to volunteer weekly as a math tutor at a local Bryan elementary school and stay active as a Eucharistic Minister for St. Mary’s.

I just got back about a week ago from a Maymester study abroad in Greece. Brown scholars Mark Garwood and Andrew Balog were there with me – don’t worry, we took a Brown Scholar picture for the website! The food was cheap and delicious, the ruins and ancient wonders were beyond impressive, and the beaches were a blast! I had a quick turnaround, though. I just settled into an apartment in Huntsville, Alabama, where I will be spending my summer as a Systems Analysis Intern working for Boeing on the Space Launch System, the cargo rocket that will support the Mars missions and the largest rocket ever built.

I apologize for the short novel that I just wrote. It’s been a while though, and I wanted to give you a full picture of my sophomore year.

I appreciate you, Mr. Brown, and everything y’all have done for me and the hundreds of other Brown scholars.

None of the incredible experiences over the past several months would have happened had I not sat down with Mr. Brown in Houston. Don’t think we take that for granted.

If you could, tell Mr. Brown I said hello!


See you at the banquet,

Michael Sporkin

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