Testimonial from Chancellor John Sharp

Thanksgiving week seems the perfect time to mark a milestone in the generous history of the Craig and Galen Brown Foundation.

This fall is the 30th anniversary of Brown Scholars. The program is a key reason why Texas A&M University ranks among the best at attracting National Merit Scholars.

The family foundation, begun in the 1980s by Galen T. Brown, is led by his son Craig Brown and Craig’s wife, Sue Smith.

Brown scholarships go to top undergraduates in STEM fields or business. Graduate students enrolled in EnMed are also eligible.

Craig and Sue personally interviews candidates to be certain they are well-rounded leaders who will represent Aggie core values.

The program has grown since a handful of scholarships in 1992. There have been more than 500 Brown Scholars over the years, including more than 200 at Texas A&M this fall.

Brown scholarship offers are packaged with other financial offerings to ensure that Texas A&M is competitive when luring top candidates for admission.

In the most recent comparison available, Texas A&M was eighth among U.S. universities in the number of National Merit Scholars enrolled. That’s ahead of Harvard, Yale, MIT, and scores of other highly-regard institutions.

Here’s a video from the Brown Foundation’s recent annual dinner: https://vimeo.com/773441417/8104ad134e

As always, thank you for your support.

John Sharp